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Matthew Priddis
 Statistics  Career Snapshot
DOB: 21st Mar 1985 Career Games 239
Debut: 2006 Career Goals 73
From: Sorrento-Duncraig / Subiaco West Coast Games 239
Height: 185 cm Weight: 86 kg West Coast Goals 73
 Player Information
  Matt Priddis had been a valuable member of the Subiaco Lions side for a few years before West Coast took a punt on him in the rookie draft. A gutsy, hard running midfielder, Priddis was a prolific high possession winner in the WAFL, traits he has migrated to the AFL with consummate ease.

Elevated mid season in 2006 as an injury replacement, Priddis made his AFL debut in the comeback game against Geelong at Kardinia Park. However limited opportunities at AFL level meant he was mostly back in the WAFL and that season he won the Sandover Medal by a record amount, with a record total.

Priddis was rewarded with permanent elevation to the main list at the end of 2006, where he immediately secured a spot in the senior team, playing every game, and being the clear winner of the Rookie of the Year award; indeed even recording three best on ground results in the Brownlow Medal. It's probably unfortunate for Priddis that he was ineligible for the AFL's Rising Star award due to his age, as he certainly would have been a prime candidate to win the award had he been eligible.

The departure of Chris Judd and Ben Cousins and a poor season by Daniel Kerr left Priddis prematurely in the role of the Eagles premier midfielder, a tough situation for a player with only a season under his belt. While he still showed he has the ability to get the ball, the additional pressure and lack of support resulted in it being less effective. However his tenacity, and the rise of a few oother midfielders around him allowed him to get back to doing what he does best, getting the ball. His disposal has improved over time (though is still suspect at times), but as a rule his decision making has made him a better player.

Priddis is a player that still however divides fans. Many believe that he is overrated, many others believe he is well underrated. Certainly he is always close to the top of the club in contested possessions and tackling, which says that he is always prepared to put in the hard yards, even when others around him are not. The club clearly values his output, coming second in the Club Champion award in 2011 - on countback - and he has reached the 150 game milestone for life membership.

After an outstanding 2013 season (where those around him failed to click), Priddis won his first club champion award, becoming the inaugural John Worsfold Medallist, but that was surpassed in 2014 when in a rather large boilover Priddis garnered enough votes to become the club's third Brownlow Medallist, and the first player to win the Brownlow after starting on a rookie list.

A key part of the Eagles drive to the Grand Final (but alas, not a premiership) in 2015, Priddis maintained his level of effort and mostly his effectiveness, but by the middle of the 2017 season, injuries were taking their toll, and he was unable to quite maintain the form level - a problem exacerbated by being played out of position. Deciding to retire at the end of the season, he managed a last burst of form, to retire as one of the club's greats.
 Career Honours
2005: Selected in the Rookie Draft, Pick 31.
2006: Elevated to the main list mid-season.
2007: West Coast Eagles Rookie of the Year.
2009: 50th AFL game.
2010: West Coast Eagles Club Champion Runner Up.
2011: Ross Glendinning medallist.
2011: 100th AFL game.
2011: West Coast Eagles Club Champion Runner Up.
2011: EFH Player of the Year
2013: 150th AFL game and life membership
2013: Inaugural John Worsfold Medallist (Club Champion)
2014: Brownlow Medallist
2016: 200th AFL game.
 Career Statistics
A lot of thanks are due to other people for the stats on this page. For all games from 1993-2002, thanks to Paul at AFL Stats For the 1987-1992 stats, much thanks to carneagles for providing me a copy of the stats created for corkintheocean, probably the best footy blog out there. Go read it!