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Semi Final Sydney Showgrounds
Sun, 17 Sep 2017 • 17:25 WST
West Coast Greater Western Sydney
9.4 (58) 19.11 (125)
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Round 1 Perth Stadium
Sun, 25 Mar 2018 • 16:20 WST
West Coast v Sydney
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Injury List

Player Injury Weeks
Petruccelle Finger test
Rioli Ankle test
Naitanui Knee test
Kennedy Ankle/Knee 3-4
Ah Chee Ankle 4
Vardy Adductor 4
MacKenzie Toe indef

AFL Ladder

Team P % Pts
1. Adelaide 22 136.0 62
2. Geelong 22 117.4 62
3. Richmond 22 118.3 60
4. GWS Giants 22 114.9 60
5. Port Adel. 22 129.7 56
6. Sydney 22 126.8 56
7. Essenscum 22 106.5 48
8. West Coast 22 105.7 48
9. Melbourne 22 105.2 48
10. W. Bulldogs 22 97.1 44
11. St Kilda 22 96.9 44
12. Hawthorn 22 90.7 42
13. Coll'wood 22 99.0 38
14. Fremantle 22 74.4 32
15. North Melb. 22 87.6 24
16. Carlton 22 78.2 24
17. Gold Coast 22 76.0 24
18. Brisbane 22 74.3 20

by Matt Quinn
29th April 2016
The only thing that's nearly as rare as a West Coast visit to the SCG is a Collingwood visit to ... well Tullamarine. Nevertheless, this week the Pies have had to find their boarding passes and head westward for their match against the Eagles.

Coming off last week's abysmal effort in Swinedom, the Eagles will be looking to turn it around and roll over the Pies, what with them being in complete disarray. A win isn't just a good result, it's an absolute requirement in this match.


West Coast Ruck B Brad Sheppard (5)
Eric MacKenzie (16)
Will Schofield (31)
Collingwood Ruck
Nic Naitanui (9)  F Alex Fasolo (1)
Mason Cox (46)
Jeremy Howe (38)
Brodie Grundy (4)
Andrew Gaff (3)  HB Sharrod Wellingham (12)
Jeremy McGovern (20)
Shannon Hurn (25)
Scott Pendlebury (10)
Luke Shuey (13)  HF Jordan de Goey (35)
Darcy Moore (30)
Levi Greenwood (19)
Jack Crisp (25)
  C Chris Masten (7)
Matthew Priddis (11)
Elliot Yeo (6)
  C Tim Broomhead (29)
Adam Treloar (7)
Steele Sidebottom (22)
  HF Mark LeCras (2)
Jack Darling (27)
Lewis Jetta (23)
  HB Adam Oxley (43)
Ben Reid (20)
Josh Smith (40)
  F Jamie Cripps (15)
Josh Kennedy (17)
Scott Lycett (29)
  B Jack Frost (45)
Nathan Brown (16)
Tom Langdon (8)
West Coast Interchange Josh Hill (33), Sam Butler (26), Liam Duggan (14), Jack Redden (8),  
Brayden Maynard (37), Alan Toovey (34), Ben Sinclair (28), Jarryd Blair (11), Collingwood Interchange


Mostly Fine
Maximum Temperature:21


With it being a Sunday game, the teams still list the extended bench, so the only out for the Eagles is Fraser McInnes, who makes way for the return of Scott Lycett. Tom Cole, Mark Hutchings and Paddy McGinnity have been added to the squad.

Collingwood lose Travis Varcoe to a hamstring, and have added Tom Langdon, Matthew Goodyear, Ben Sinclair and Tim Broomhead to their team that prevailed over the de-Injection last week.

Injuries and Suspensions

The Eagles are running fairly injury free with the exception of Dom Sheed and Mitch Brown. So no excuses on that front.

When what will likely be Dane Swan's last season ended up being a broken leg four minutes in for a statistical duck egg, you knew that Collingwood would struggle. They're also missing Jamie Elliot, Travis Varcoe and Tyson Goldsack, which leaves a team that's not looking that strong to begin with looking pretty much done.
Player Injury Weeks
Ellis Achilles test
Priddis Groin test
Sheed Pectoral 6
Brown Finger 6
Waterman Glandular Fever indef
Tunbridge Back indef
Cavka Foot/Retired seas

Lead up

It seems that it's popular at the moment to label the Eagles as flat track bullies, which is understandable, looking at three wins over teams that couldn't find their own grandmothers with a Nanna finding device. However the losses were at the unfamiliar SCG and against the current bogey team Hawthorn (who's bogey team aren't they?). Hard to read, but I think we'll see what's what over the next month or so.

Collingwood on the other hand are the flat track bullied at the moment. OK, they did manage to wallop Essendon last week, but other than a one point win over the equally dire Tiggers, theyve' tended to be smashed by pretty much any team with a heart. There are six teams so far this year which look like 2016 will be disastrous, and Collingwood join Essendon, Carlton, Richmond, Freo and the Lions in this category. Add in Port and St Kilda, and it looks like there's a clear top ten and bottom eight already this season - though it's a long way to go.


Collingwood went on their normal recruiting bonanza over the offseason, adding James Aish and Adam Treloar to their midfield brigade, which with Scott Pendlebury and Steele Sidebottom still sounds like it should be a good outfit... but it's really not at the moment. The Eagles midfield - a bit up and down this year - should look at this as a chance to play back into form. A interesting clash this week though will be big American Pie, Mason Cox up against Nic Naitanui, an interesting challenge.

Defensively, the Eagles haven't quite swung into last year's form, though Jeremy McGovern was exceptional last week, and I think has put to bed where he's best used on the ground. The question is the re-integration of Eric MacKenzie into the team - he's too much quality to leave out, but needs to fit the style the Eagles developed in 2015. Still, Collingwood don't really have a dominant forward, so this should be an area the Eagles can dominate.

At the other end, the Eagles went missing last week, which is a concern, as that's normally West Coast's trump card. Neither Josh Kennedy nor Jack Darling stood up - but some of that was the poor disposal into the forward area from the midfielders, and this week you'd hope it will be better. I'd want more from them, but also from the running forwards, Cripps, LeCras and Jetta all need to play a part in the game.

Recent Meetings

It's amazing that the Eagles have a winning record against the Pies, given that only 18 of the 46 games between the two have been in Perth (taking out finals, it's 16 from 40). The last two though have seen the Eagles prevail, both home and away - the away game being a rare Pie visit to Docklands (we could have done with that one being at the MCG...)
2015, Round 16 Docklands
West Coast 2.6 4.10 7.16 11.21 (87)
Collingwood 1.4 4.6 7.9 7.14 (56)
Sat 18th Jul 2015 West Coast by 31

2014, Round 20 Subiaco Oval
West Coast 6.5 9.7 15.10 19.12 (126)
Collingwood 2.1 7.2 8.4 10.6 (66)
Sun 10th Aug 2014 West Coast by 60

2014, Round 10 MCG
Collingwood 5.0 7.3 11.4 17.7 (109)
West Coast 5.2 9.5 11.10 15.11 (101)
Sat 24th May 2014 Collingwood by 8

Head to Head

Overall: West Coast 23 Collingwood 22 Draws 1
At Subiaco Oval West Coast 11 Collingwood 4 Draws 0

West Coast biggest win: 81 points; West Coast 20.15 (135) d Collingwood 8.6 (54) at WACA Ground, 1991, Round 17
Collingwood biggest win: 100 points; Collingwood 27.11 (173) d West Coast 10.13 (73) at MCG, 2008, Round 10

Other Matches


There's no question about this - this is an absolute must win game for the Eagles. The opposition are a rabble, and the Eagles are supposed to be a team vying for this year's flag. Even with the label flat track bullies, this week is about as flat a track as you get, and the Eagles should win this cantering away.

Prediction: West Coast by 46 points.

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