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Help sought re picking up games whilst overseas

Going to a game interstate? Ticketing, how you're getting there etc.

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Help sought re picking up games whilst overseas

Postby infiltrator on Wed Jan 17, 2007 4:14 pm

Can anyone advise re how best to get to see/hear games whilst in the US or the West Indies (which is wher I'll be rounds 1-4)?

I presume there's no live cable tv coverage, and that your best option is to log in on the net to some radio station that might offer a live audio broadcast...??

Anyone used the service they advertise on the AFL website where you can watch the telecast on the internet but only after a delay of several hours? (a delay which I reckon is extremely stupid but which might suit those of us who are on a train throgh the Rockies at the time of the Sydney game)
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