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2018 Best 22

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Re: 2018 Best 22

Postby WCE Booka 89 on Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:35 pm

Pinion King wrote:
B: Brad Sheppard, Tom Barrass, Jackson Nelson
HB: Liam Duggan, Jeremy McGovern, Shannon Hurn
C: Lewis Jetta, Elliot Yeo, Andrew Gaff
HF: Mark LeCras, Jack Darling, Jack Redden
F: Willie Rioli, Josh Kennedy, Jamie Cripps
R: Nic Naitanui, Luke Shuey, Dom Sheed
INT: Nathan Vardy, Brendon Ah Chee, Daniel Venables, Mark Hutchings

NOTES: Ex-Power onballer Ah Chee should be close to West Coast's best team next year, but balancing the number of inside midfielders will be key with Redden, Hutchings and Sheed playing similar roles. Yeo and Duggan could also be shifted into the engine room. The Eagles need to invest in players with pace at this year's draft and will also hope Shuey clone Venables comes on next year with an injury-free run. Rioli helps solve the crumbing forward problem if he can get fitter over pre-season and stay on the park. Mackenzie's late-season form suggests he will could easily remain in the back six, while Lycett and Vardy are set to battle for the No.2 ruck role.

REMAINING SENIOR LIST: Matthew Allen, Tom Cole, Josh Hill, Mark Hutchings, Malcolm Karpany, Tom Lamb, Scott Lycett, Eric Mackenzie, Chris Masten, Kurt Mutimer, Luke Partington, Josh Rotham, Will Schofield, Jake Waterman, Sharrod Wellingham

REMAINING ROOKIE LIST: Tarir Bayok, Tom Gorter, Fraser McInnes, Jordan Snadden, Francis Watson

I think I would probably have Lycett over Vardy. Naitanui just wont be able to play big minutes next season and I'd like to see him used more as a Forward that rucks than a ruck who goes forward, so Lycett to get the starting ruck gig with Naitanui his back up.

With the rise of Rioli and Karpany hopefully that will put pressure on both LeCras spot and Jettas.

Also hope to see Yeo, Shuey and Venables rotate through the forward line, which means that LeCras and Cripps will be under pressure to perform as there won't be many forward positions available.
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Re: 2018 Best 22

Postby Perrythegreat on Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:55 pm

Tough one this year. Years gone past it was a bit easier.

Fwd: Rioli Kennedy Cripps
H/fwd: LeCras Darling Duggan
Cen: Gaff Redden Jetta
H/Back: Yeo McGovern Shepp
F/B: Hurn McKenzie Nelson

Foll: NN, Sheed, Shuey
I/C: Lycett, Ah Chee, Hutchings, Barrass

A lot of unknown quantities / not consistent there (Rioli, Duggan, Nelson, Ah Chee, Sheed, Barrass, Redden).

Who I've left out and why:

Masten - not sure. We've just got to get use to the fact he is a squad player, at best. To weak to be inside/tagger, not quick enough to be outside. Link player? Can't kick far enough. Just think he didnt develop like we had hoped.
Wellingham - not even sure he'll be on the list. I like him, but needs to get back to 2015 form. Not sure he can. Needs to play simple balls, not try the 50m worm burner
Venables - just havent seen him play.
Vardy - prefer Lycett. Needs to get more involved in the game than 8d, 20HOs. When he is near the ball, he looks very good.
Partington - not the finished product yet, some encouraging signs.
Cole - just unlucky, has looked good when I've seen him play. Could be a big improver.
Schofield - depth player in case McG, EMac or Barrass go down. 4th option for me.
Hill - Time to delist. Karmpany, Rioli, plus LeCras and Cripps and hopefully Liam Ryan means we are ok here.
Karpany - I've liked the look of him, but needs to get more of it. Young, so interested to see how 2018 goes for him, could be the break out season (probably needs to be the break out season)
McInness - surprised we kept him. Must be ruck back up in case NN and Lycett have complications.

There are others that I've missed out on, but they are too young or unknown to warrant a statement really (Watreman, Watson, Mutimer, Allen, Rotham, Gorter, Snaddan etc).

Looking at our squad, I'm downgrading my expectations to 7 - 12th. Cant see this team winning the flag anytime soon. Hope I'm wrong.
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